If you think you have mononucleosis or chronic fatigue syndrome, see your doctor, who will do a physical exam that includes a throat culture. If you have mononucleosis, she will advise you to rest and drink plenty of fluids; antibiotics are not effective with mononucleosis since it is a viral infection. I also tell my patients to use analgesics sparingly, as they can further depress your immune system and exacerbate liver and blood problems.

The treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, which some physicians refer to as chronic infectious mononucleosis, is similar, except that this course of treatment may not help. In order for your doctor to positively diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome, she will first rule out other diseases. You have to show that you’ve been fatigued and had the other symptoms of mononucleosis for at least six months before you can be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

A definitive diagnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome is still tricky, however. While some people who have symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome have not been exposed to the Epstein-Barr virus, there are many people who show antibodies to the virus but who don’t have any symptoms. If you feel you do have chronic fatigue syndrome, the best thing to do is to work with your doctor to try different remedies that may help alleviate your symptoms. Sometimes multivitamins, good eating habits, and moderate exercise can make you feel better. But you should be aware of the many alternative therapists out there who make their living by supposedly providing cures for chronic fatigue syndrome. These include intravenous vitamin therapies, herbal preparations, and megadoses of vitamins.


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