Recent research on the dental health of children in the northern suburbs of Sydney revealed a great reduction in dental decay, or caries.

In 1960, a study showed more than 90 per cent of TSluldren had active dental decay, yet the recent survey showed less than 25 per cent in the same community were now affected.

The researchers attribute this to the better nutrition of the children and the widespread use of, initially, fluoride tablets and then fluoride in the water supply.

The World Health Organisation has stated that fluoride is a naturally occurring substance in many water supplies, and, provided the content of artificially-placed fluoride is carefully monitored, the advantages appear to be overwhelming.

Despite this evidence, the anti-fluoride lobby continues to decry the process and, recently, the propaganda has been that fluoride can cause cancer.

There is no valid scientific evidence to support such a connection, but when the charges are repeated often enough it can worry the layman.


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