The most common form of scoliosis is known as idiopathic which really means “of unknown cause”. The common form of scoliosis usually affects the upper part of the spine in the thorax or chest.

It is more common in girls and usually makes its appearance in the 10 to 12 years age group.

Once it develops it may rapidly progress and lead to a severe deformity so that the girl is dwarfed and hunchbacked.

However, it can vary from mild to severe, but, because of the rapid progress, it warrants early diagnosis and energetic treatment.

Regular and frequent examination is necessary. This will include X-rays to determine the degree of curvature and how fast it is progressing. Once spinal growth is complete then the condition is stabilised and will not change.

This deformity may not be obvious when first looking at the child, but may become obvious if she is asked to bend forward to touch her toes.

The S curve of the spine and the hump on one side of the back or the chest will then show up.


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